Jeff Nimmow

Jeff Nimmow

Meet Jeff Nimmow: A Wisconsin native, financial expert, and dedicated community supporter. From his roots in Sauk City to leading Legacy Financial Network, Jeff’s journey reflects a blend of passion for tennis, a love for various sports and outdoor activities, and a strong commitment to giving back through regular contributions to local healthcare and religious institutions. Discover the multifaceted life and achievements of a true leader and community champion.

Jeff Nimmow

About Jeff

Jeff Nimmow was born and raised in Sauk City, Wisconsin. He developed a passion for tennis early on, competing throughout high school at Sauk-Prairie High School and continuing to play at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, where he graduated in 1995. Jeff’s career in finance began with an internship at Northwestern Mutual during college, and upon graduation, he was sought out by John Hancock to start his professional journey there.

Currently, Jeff serves as the President and Financial Advisor of Legacy Financial Network, where he brings extensive expertise and leadership to the table. Beyond his professional pursuits, Jeff enjoys a range of hobbies including tennis, cars, volleyball, softball, golf, snowmobiling, and various water sports like boating, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and skiing.

In addition to his career and hobbies, Jeff is deeply committed to giving back to his community. He is a regular donor to the local Sauk Prairie Hospital and Saint John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. Jeff Nimmow’s multifaceted life reflects a blend of professional achievement, personal interests, and a strong dedication to supporting his community. 


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